Accredited Training

Accredited Training for New or Skilled Forklift Drivers

At NT Training, we are an accredited, on-site forklift and plant training provider. We train your staff on a number of different forklifts, so that they can learn to use any without complications. Whether your team is experienced or has never driven a forklift, we are here to help with a wide range of accredited training programs. We are on-site trainers only, so we come to you. Based in Ilkeston, UK, we’re your local accredited training team. We welcome you to visit our website and read more about services as well as we are the perfect trainers for your team. We train for a variety of trucks including electric, VNA, order pickers and stackers. Our trainers carry tablets or a TV or DVD player for theory, guaranteeing the right training for your team. Call us today at 07706061862 to learn more about us and our highly trained instructors.

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